“I've created these web pages in order to bring together various publications of mine which are scattered here and there in books, periodicals and newspapers. I have also included some work that has never been published elsewhere, as well as new work.” ( Pavlos Andronikos)


Literary Criticism

Vasilis Arvanitis by Stratis Myrivilis: An Introduction

Vasilis Arvanitis: A Bibliographical Note

Stratis Myrivilis: A Brief Biography

The Narrator of Stratis Myrivilis' Vasilis Arvanitis:
An Exploration into Emotional Response to the Reading of Fiction

On Education

Synthetic Phonics in Clackmannanshire

Victory Primary School, Walworth, London
Notes towards a Short History...

Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics
(in the Safe Schools Programme Resources, Victoria)

On Cyprus

The Occupation of Cyprus by the British in 1878 and the Speeches of Welcome (2020)

The Annan Plan (2002)

Review of Cyprus: The Destruction of a Republic: British Documents 1960-65 (1999)

Cyprus and the Lessons Learnt (1997)

Cyprus: A Victim of Powermongers (1994)

Web Site: Cyprus Reconsidered

Poems in Translation

Of the Jews by C. P. Cavafy

Euripides, An Athenian by George Seferis

In the Fear of Man... by Costas Montis (A Selection)

The Suffering of My Sister by Michael Pais

Only the Memories by Michael Pais

The Third of March by Michael Pais

Return To Troy by Nikos Ninolakis

The Adventures of the Sun: Poem I by Michael Pais

The Adventures of the Sun: Epilogue by Michael Pais

Tillirkotissa (Τηλλυρκώτισσα)

Ένα παλληκάρι του Σρόπσαϊρ by A. E. Housman

Μαρίνα by T. S. Eliot

Burnt Norton by T. S. Eliot

Τα πολιτικά by W. B. Yeats


The Quest

The Mermaid

Odysseus' Song

Penelope's Song

An Old Story


Someday I Will Speak


A Question Unanswered



So Few Flowers

The Last Days

Lethe I, II, III


The Golden Bird

Three Occasional Poems


Without You

Till We Meet Again…

The Barbarians



Memories of Dr R. C. Carrington

A Necessary Correction

On Music

Mikis Theodorakis, Part 1: The Musical Revolution

Pyx Lux: An Appreciation

Pyx Lux: Discography

In a Strange Land / Επί Γης Αλλοτρίας
    An anthology of Greek-Australian songs and music

Greek Music from the Land Down Under!

Review of Costas Tsicaderis’ Live at the Boite

Presentation of Περί Ουσίας by Rebetiki

Greek-Australian Songwriters: A Discography

Greek-Australian Songwriters: Addendum

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