A Very Brief But Illustrated Autobiography

Pavlos Andronikos

I was born in Cyprus, grew up in London, and migrated to Australia to teach Greek at the University of New England in Armidale, New South Wales. That was in 1981. Prior to that I’d been a grammar-school boy, an apprentice mechanic, a washer of dishes, a waiter, a KFC cook, a motorcyclist, a van-driver, a diesel mechanic, a factory worker, and a student.

In 1983 I moved to Melbourne to assume responsibility for Greek at Monash University. When I left Monash, I had been head of (modern) Greek there for twenty years.

Pavlos Andronikos


Selected Publications

Academic Writing

The Narrator of Vasilis Arvanitis: An Exploration into Emotional Response to the Reading of Fiction” by Pavlos Andronikos. In The Text and Its Margins: Post-Structuralist Approaches to Twentieth-Century Greek Literature ed. M. Alexiou & V. Lambropoulos (New York: Pella Publishing Co., 1985).

“‘Carrying On About Things Greek...’: Rationality and Identity in Angelo Loukakis’ For the Patriarch” by Pavlos Andronikos. In Neohellenism ed. John Burke & Stathis Gauntlett (Humanities Research Centre Monograph no. 5. Canberra: Australian National University, 1992).

The Occupation of Cyprus by the British in 1878 and the Speeches of Welcome” by Pavlos Andronikos, Antipodes no. 66, Nov. 2020, pp. 89-91.


Vasilis Arvanitis by Stratis Myrivilis. Translated by Pavlos Andronikos. Armidale: University of New England Publishing Unit, 1983.

The Leader” by Dimitris Tsaloumas. Translated by Pavlos Andronikos & the author (Westerly, vol. 30, no. 1, March 1985, pp. 34-36).

“Investigator’s Report” by Dimitris Tsaloumas. Translated by Pavlos Andronikos & the author. In The Observatory by Dimitris Tsaloumas, 3rd ed. (St Lucia: U.Q.P., 1991), pp. 193-199. (First published in Overland no. 97, pp. 34-5.)


Antipodes 1974-1994, vol. 2. Melbourne: G.A.C.L.M.V., 1994. (All of the editions of the periodical Antipodes from 1974 to 1994 were reprinted in three hefty volumes. Volume 2 is comprised of the editions which I edited alone [nos. 20-22], and with Christos Fifis [nos. 23-26].)

Reviews editor for Modern Greek Studies (Australia and New Zealand) vols. 4-7 (1996-1999).


Room To Let A & B, two plays by Vasilis Georgarakis. Directed by Anthony Georgiou. Music by Pavlos Andronikos. Performed at Stonnington Theatre, Malvern, 1990.

In a Strange Land: An Anthology of Greek-Australian Songs and Music produced by Pavlos Andronikos & Stephen Adam. (Compact Disc)

Visual Arts

Antipodean Palette Exhibition 2012, Steps Gallery, Carlton, 19 July - 5 August 2012.

Antipodean Palette Exhibition 2013, Steps Gallery, Carlton, 25 June - 2 July 2013.

Antipodean Palette Exhibition 2020, Online Exhibition, July 2020.


MixDownCBX-D5 Demo. On Future Music CD 48, which accompanies Future Music no. 48, October 1996 (Bath, UK). Also included with the programme MAX version 3.5 by Opcode, USA (1997).


Pavlos Andronikos